Mandia School

Since the lodge opened, we have been committed to the development of the local community through education. We believe that education is key to the successful long term development of the area.

We sincerely believe that education is the key to the successful long-term development of the area. Obviously, it is through the children that the future community leaders will be sourced and through their superior education, standards of healthcare, environmental protection and education will be raised.

To this end we set upon starting a partnership with the local primary school to assist wherever we could. To date we have assisted with the building of five teacher’s houses, the rehabilitation of three classrooms and extending the school with one more new classroom.

Ongoing support for text book and stationary purchases is facilitated through our lodge managers and the team at the lodge and it is very often due to the generosity of our guests that that the school has enough resources to operate.

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Guests who feel they would like to help in some small way by bringing some educational materials are encouraged to visit Pack for a Purpose.